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Vomit Stix!

The Perfect Post-Holiday Weight Loss Accessory!


The Tapeworm Experience!

I totally forgot to blog this last week! You’re in for a double dose!!

Lose weight the NATURAL way!
by: Joy Nash
camera & editing: Marisol Montoya
http:/ /

The Terrarium Diet!

Video #2 on my Exciting Weight Loss Journey!!

I think it’s time I really cut the fat…

Inbetweenie Guest Post #2

Another guest post from the Inbetweenie Midwife! I’ve been working on a few videos that I’ll post soon, but in the meanwhile, here is my best friend and yours with some words on pants.

I live in los angeles. Thusly, bodies rule supreme. THUSLY your worth is judged by your outward appearance. How does a fat/inbetweenie/flat chested/short girl survive!?

“Oh yeah! It must SUCK to lose weight!”

Let’s talk about this for a second. My favorite pair of jeans don’t fit. Not because i’ve shoveled in one too many Bloomin’ Onions (IBS…not pretty), but because in the recent weeks of working and rushing around I’ve lost a few stress related pounds.

I’m sad.
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An Inbetweenie Guest Post

Our very first Guest Post!! My best friend had some thoughts about a miserable shopping trip she had recently and she was so very kind to write us a blog post about it! Please lend your ears to the Inbetweenie Midwife!

Hello Friends.

Shock me sane! Does this sound familiar?

What a wonderful leisurely shopping day! I’m gonna find me some cute, sassy dresses for my favorite season, fall. I’ve got a tight budget but I’m an expert bargain shopper/tag switcher/whats-ugly-has-character kind of gal.
I’ve got Old Friend with me, we’ve had such good times! We have a history! We can shop AND bitch AND reminisce! Delicious.

We stop in one of those funky boutique stores that used to be a refrigerator repair shop but then they threw some billowy curtains on the cracked floor to ceiling windows, put some long tables full of boyfriend tees out on the rotting wood floor and put on some Arcade Fire. It smells like Amazon shipments and Febreeze. I cringe, if there isn’t a vat for me to dig through or the aroma of mothballs to suffocate in, I feel like They are gonna come get me. You know.

Old Friend trots happily in and immediately begins to rummage through the organic, vegetable and French saliva dyed tees that are ONLY $20 each!!!!!!!!!! Can you believe the bargains?! Can you?! Can you?! Can you?!
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