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My Mobster the Kickstarter.


So I’ve been working on this solo show. It’s my most epic project ever and it’s become clear that I can’t do it alone. So I’ve started a kickstarter campaign.
MY MOBSTER is the true of my relationship with a criminal from France. It’s a coming-of-age story about living in the moment, in the body you have, in the situation you’re in. Except funny. And heartbreaking. It’s difficult for me to describe it in a way that doesn’t make me want to roll my eyes, and I wish I could just show it to you.

It’s really hard for me to ask for things, but I’m being a big girl and doing it.

well, letting Laura Poorman do it for me…

I ♥ me some Joy Nash and am more than happy to donate to her production and hope you all are able to do the same —– Always remember to SUPPORT THOSE WHO SUPPORT YOU…. Joy has tirelessly chased her dreams and is doing something here we should all take note of —- if you want more plus size roles in Hollywood, WRITE THE ROLES AND CREATE THE OPPORTUNITIES…. Joy is doing just that…. While supporting her with your praise is very much appreciated, even $1 gets her closer to her goal…. Thanks much! ♥ LP

We’re also using a portion of the funds to produce a trailer for a feature film version of My Mobster.
Please, if you want to see a wider (heh) definition of what’s beautiful on the big screen, please donate as much as you’re able… Every single dollar makes a difference!

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