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Asos dress! And a little piece of my mind…

I was pining over this dress for about a week at and when it disappeared off the site I flew into a panic.
Mercifully it came back a day or two later so I bit the bullet and committed the ultimate sin of paying full price…

And I looooove it.
Well, except for this…
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My Mobster premiering at Hollywood Fringe!

I’m sorry for the long long delay, but I’ve been hard at work on my biggest project yet!
My full length solo play is premiering at the Hollywood Fringe Festival and running from June 12-26.
Tickets go on sale May 1st, so if you’re anywhere near the area, make sure you come check it out!
Showtimes, location and full details at

If you’re not in the LA area, don’t despair! I’m applying to fringe festivals all over the US and hopefully I’ll be coming soon to a town near you!!

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