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OotDs and a review

Couple weeks ago I got caught in the snowpocalypse in NYC- my flights were cancelled twice and finally I took a Greyhound to Philadelphia to be closer to the US Airways hub and increase my chances of actually getting a flight back to LA. I was so toast..
ANYWAY.. This is what I wore for the last legs of that trip:

This dress actually comes to a pretty scandalous V neck in the front, so I wore it front side out to a Valentines in Hell party, and then backwards like this when it came time to head through the full-body scanner.

dress: re/dress 
red tights: LB
sweater & grey tights: F21 -ripped to shreds because they are not for fats, but LB has (sold out of) something similar
vest: torrid
scarf: jerusalem street vendor
boots: thrifted
big black coat: Macy’s – with buttons replaced.

Then my Ines order from came through.. I know a lot of people have been getting mixed service from them.. I’m not sure what’s going on with that- they actually sent me this stuff to review, so while it did take me a while to get my order- I didn’t pay for it, so I don’t feel I have any room to complain in that arena.

Anyway, I got 2 tops and a dress and after a little surgery on one of them, I am way way way into them.
First I got the Bird Calling Top 

I really wish I was smiling in this pic. I was kind of confused when I first put this on, there were some random ties hanging off the front, but once I’d gone back to the site to look at the product photo and figured that they were supposed to be tied in front, I toootally dug it.  I really really like all the detailing- ruched sleeves, elasticized empire waist, the button front and even that bow. I think all the fussiness is really fun and can’t wait to wear this on a date.

then I got the Puff Sleeve Dress in Green and Navy

Opening the package, I thought the print was a little bizarre.. kinda early 90’s scarfy weirdness, but I LOVED the fit of this dress and after wearing it for 2 days, I’m kind of crazy about it. The fabric is a really lightweight poly with a teeny triangle pattern textured throughout. I love the length and I really like how the hem has a wider fusing that makes the bottom hem a little heavier and gives a nice drape. I think this dress is intended to be worn off the shoulder, and it looks fine like that, but I like it even better up on the shoulder in that peasanty silhouette that I am berserk for.

And finally I got the Wrap Top in Cherry Sky. 

I love this print (as you can see)  and the top fit beautifully, but the sleeves were a little long for me.. I rolled them up for the picture, but then I just chopped off about 3.5" and hemmed them there. Hopefully one of these days I’ll post an After picture.

All in all, I was really pleased with my order- in my experience, Ines always has really comfortable, good quality stuff.

5’8", 245, 49-42-51, 18/20   
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I really wish I had a dirndl.

Salma knows what’s up.

Is it appropriation if it’s your own heritage?
I’m not trying to be flippant and I definitely wouldnt’ wear someone else’s ethnic costume, (not that I haven’t in the past, but that’s a whole nother sordid story), but is one generation removed one generation too far?
I don’t think I want to wear an actual national costume dirndl necessarily, just something with the basic shape and a shitload of embroidery. Does that ease the sting of an American of German descent wearing something dirndl-esque? Is there a sting in the first place?

This is what I’ve been wearing in the meanwhile:

vest: torrid
skirt: re/dress
shoes: forever 21
shirt: hand me down.. maybe gap?
headband: urban outfitters

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