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INES Giveaway

So, that Printed Cobalt dress I wore in the 3rd Fat Rant:

It’s from INES, a clothing line run by some friends of mine who have decided to hooook us UP, Internet. Let me tell you.

They’re giving me 2 pieces to raffle off to YOU, dear readers. All you’ve got to do is comment below, and on Dec. 4th I’ll use one of those handy random number generators like Gabi does to pick a winner!

The pieces up for grabs are the Deco Print Wrap Dress seen above and the Meridian Print Dress.

AND, they’ve hooked me up with a 40% off sales code for you too:

Spread it far and wide! , personally- I’m really into this Peacock print top: .

I’ll let you know what it’s like when it comes in… 🙂


Happy Turkey Day, Internet!
I hope yours was as much fun as mine was.
I drove my smartcar across the desert with this guy:

and then ate and looked at babies until I fell asleep.
Josh Nash would like the ladies of the internet to know that he is Single and Looking.
I awoke to messages that my dear friend Michael (the Fruit of Fruit & Fly) had MISSED the entire city of San Diego on his way to his cousin’s house, and was instead in Tijuana being searched by border patrol.
I haven’t heard from him since, but hopefully he’s no longer in Mexico, and is in a well-deserved food coma.
Happy Thanksgiving everybody!!

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