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I made a dress!

Well, altered it anyway.

I’m pretty POed that I didn’t take a ‘before’ picture, but I found this blousy plaid thing at the thrift store and thought I’d monkey around. It looked like a nightgown, but itchier. Kind of like this:

But plaid. And with dolman sleeves.
I don’t think it was a nightshirt originally intended for a fat body because my boobs made the front hem hike up
like 7 inches. I thought hemming the back to make it even would be a disaster because the stripes would make the whole fiasco completely obvious and just wearing a belt looked weird too.

I was just going to sew down the sides and make it a little more fitted, but it had pockets! I didn’t want to hack those out, so I decided to make a whole bunch of little pleats.

There were pleats at the shoulders already, so I just ironed them flat and pinned them at the waist where I wanted the thing smaller. The plaid was kind of helpful at that point because I just had to start sewing at the red stripe and end a little above the white ones.

I think I broke my sewing machine, so I just sat down with a needle and thread and had at it while I watched 5 or 6 episodes of Intervention on YouTube.

I made like 5 pleats (or “pintucks” apparently) under each boob and then 10 more across the back. And magically the back hem shrank up. Now there’s only like a 2 inch difference between front and back hems. And that’s close enough for me!

Galloping away from the self timer. Why is this the only photo that’s in focus?

It’s clearly not perfect and I intend to wear it only in dimly lit locations, but I am also pretty damn proud of myself and my little needle and thread.

Me and my duct tape dressform with the next experiment.

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