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A kick in the teeth from Miss Plus America Elite

This was on the Mike and Juliet show the other day… MeMe and the good doctor are smearing the same ol shit, but Miss Plus America lands some really nice digs about MeMe’s credentials there at the end.

disFIGURED gets worldwide distribution!

There’s been some rumbling in the fatosphere about disFIGURED and now there’s an official news break!

The director says “Cinema Libre will also be trying to sell the movie to cable and internationally, and we will try to run at least one week in a theater somewhere in the USA in order to qualify for nomination for the Independent Spirit Awards.”

And this is an interview with the stars!

P.S. : I’m in it! The movie, not the video… and just for a hot second. But in it!

Fat Rant is a Webby Official Honoree!!


It’s a friggin trip I tell you to have your name up there with Greenpeace and the New York Times…

Thank you thank you thank you to Eric Trules, Daniel Roemer, Alex Delyle and YOU for watching the dang thing! 🙂

ETA: Oops! I got excited and skipped over the NOT in the nominated sentence…
The Good News: I’m still an Official Honoree- in the top 15% of 10,000 entries.

Tori Spelling does not photograph from the left.

That’s what she said yesterday at the photo shoot for the third season of Tori and Dean.
They told her to turn to her left and she said “Oh, I don’t photograph from that side.”
I thought that was sort of a prissy thing to say, but then I ran home to the internet, and I have to tell you, she knows what she’s talking about:
Exhibit A: Tori from the Right.

Exhibit B: Tori from the Left.

Fo Real.
Me and 8 guys and one other girl got paid to pretend to take pictures of them.
We had to stand behind a pretend velvet rope and cover our faces with our cameras and make sure the flashes were flashing. This is kind of what they looked like:

This is what I will look like:


I wish it was this:

Other things I learned on Friday:
Tori’s husband is smoking hot. He is very tall in real life.
Tori’s baby is remarkably well behaved and her ancient pug dog wears a dress. Mimi also likes to lie down on the job. Mimi is the dog.

This is Mimi taking a walk.

color guard

Today I watched a man steal 2 purses from the Nine West on the corner of Vermont and Wilshire.

He acted like he was fixing his hair in the mirror and set the purses on the ground, then put his jacket over the purses and hit the road. I told the manager, but they thought I was trying to buy purses and I said No! A guy just STOLE the purses! Me and the manager went outside, but he was gone.

The whole time, I was thinking that if I had had an accomplice right then, it would be a really great diversion to cause a big scene and occupy the attention of everybody else while my conspirator took the money and ran.

In other news, I went to Color Guard National Championships with my friends Chuck and Andy last week.

I thought it was gonna be a total spandex and glitter trainwreck- and it kind of was, but then I left feeling all heartwarmed and inspired. Much like an episode of Intervention.

I don’t think I knew any kids in color guard when I was in high school.. I think I thought that they were band kids who didn’t know how to play instruments.
It’s kind of more like modern dance though, with swords and rifles. The really good groups at least. Most of the groups were all femals, with a few token guys thrown in.

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