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Need a little help…

Pimpin a new friend…Shawn is seriously amazing.

Please please help her out:

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Sincerely, and thanks in advance,

Shawn Schepps

Fruit & Fly #4: The Merriweather Sisters

This is video #4 of a 10 part series.
Jezebelle and Frooty Punch are identical twin sisters relegated to the kiddie pool in the front yard when their swamp cooler busts. Also, what REALLY went on when Queen Elizabeth met in secret with her cousin Mary Queen of Scots?

This is the fourth segment from “Fruit & Fly” – the sketch show I wrote with my friend Michael Mullen.

Watch out for the new video next week!

yay INC

Dude..  can we talk about how I.N.C. is stepping up to the plate??

It takes a really really long time for me to get home from work so, a lot of days, I stop at the mall near my work and poke around until traffic goes away.

For basically forever, I’ve been a strict LB devotee and a Ross Shopper- with a  little Target, TJ Maxx, and Torrid tossed in too…  I don’t set foot in any store unless I’m positive that they carry my size.  No GAP, no Banana Republic, no Guess, Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, Benneton, etc, etc, etc.  None of it.  Total wastes of time.
I remember when Kirstie Alley was having a cow about being so gigantic and all I wanted to know was WHERE on earth she was getting all that incredible clothing.  It sure as hell wasn’t LB.  I know, because I was looking.
But then I discovered the department store.  More specifically, the fat lady section of the department store.  It’s kind of a toss-up as to what you’ll find there… Sometimes the “WOMAN” section is gigantic (Bloomingdale’s at 900 N. Michigan in Chicago), sometimes it’s decent (Macy’s at Woodland Hills and Sherman Oaks), sometimes embarassingly tiny (Beverly Center Macy’s), or even non-existant (the Macy’s in the Santa Monica Mall has NO Plus Size section.  Whatsoever.  I’m never going back).   And sometimes they’ll only have Charter Club or that kind of Grandma Chic (one time BuffPuff called it “fat woman masquerading as a floral brick”)  but sometimes they have Baby Phat, or Alfani, or Jones New York, or… or… hold your breath…. I.N.C.

God I love I.N.C.    I mean for reals.

First of all, half of their plus line is EXACTLY THE SAME as their straight size line.  I mean it!!  Finally!!
We’re not a separate breed!  We’re just fatter!!  Of COURSE I want to be able to wear just what the non-fats are wearing!  Make it in my size!!!
2)  The fit is awesome.  I feel like I could have been separated at birth from their fit model.  Admittedly, your mileage may vary.  But, if you’re a 5’8″, 49-42-50 lady with a decent belly, and booty, you might agree.  Also, they vanity size.  Love it or hate it, it gets us one extra size at the top tier.  (meaning,

everything is so fancy and nice.  The fabrics, all the trimmings, beading, details- it’s just the same as they’re doing for their smaller sizes.

Yeah, I know, it’s a buttload more expensive and all I’m doing is setting myself up for heartbreak, but NEVER have I seen such fancy stuff that looks so amazing on fat people.

You ever seen this show?

Merv Griffin’s Crosswords?

Me neither.
But I went on it anyway.
If you want to see my skillz, you can on NBC at 3pm on Dec 26th.

Fruit & Fly #3: Chatty Cathy.

This is video #3 of a 10 part series.
Do you have a friend who never shuts the f%*& up?
Watch what happens when Samantha finally snaps…

This is the third segment from “Fruit & Fly” – the sketch show I wrote with my friend Michael Mullen.

Fruit & Fly #2: Puppy Love

We thought we’d put the first 3 videos out the first week, and then release a new one every Friday following- so here’s #2! Wednesday, I’ll post #3, and on Friday, #4 will be up!

This is video #2 of a 10 part series.
Jesse and Crystal are the perfect prom dates. They have
so much in common… Perhaps too much…

This is the second segment from “Fruit & Fly” – the
sketch show I wrote with my friend Michael Mullen.

What did you do on your prom night? Did it involve Wham!?

Fruit & Fly #1: Liza with a Z!

This is video #1 in a 10 part series. What happens when Liza Minelli circa 2007 runs intoLiza Minelli circa 1974 at a costume party? What do you think…

This is the first segment from “Fruit & Fly” – the sketch show I wrote with my friend Michael Mullen. It’s not as perfectly fat-friendly as I’d like it to be… but there is some fantabulous wig-wearing if I do say so myself. I’d really really love to hear your thoughts…

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