MTV and Chicago

So I got to Chicago and hid out with Jake for a few days.  We were on the lam from the MTV True Life crew because thankfully, Jake believes that our bidness is our bidness.

Right.  So: MTV True Life: ‘I’m Happy to be Fat’ has assigned me a brand new little sister in the form of Guido, a very cheerful sort of German cameraman.  Guido is actually not a young girl, but a man whose job it is to behave much in the fashion of how I suppose a little sister would behave.  “What are you doing?  What are you doing?  What are you doing now?  Why are you doing that?  Wait for me!  Will you do that again?  What do you think about it?  What do you think about this?  And this?  Complete sentences please…  How about we do this?  Or this?  Will you do that over again?  Now why are we doing this?”

Guido is very nice- AND he knows my friend Eva.  They worked on a racecar show together.. but the whole hoopla is pretty exhausting.
Aware aware aware always of evvverything you’re doing- AND there are NO PERKS to doing a True Life documentary.  You pay for EVERYTHING.  INCLUDING the things that they suggest for you to do.
“I have an idea!  How about you and your friends rent some bikes at the beach?”  Sure!  That sounds like fun!  “Great!  That’ll be $16.”  uhhh…
“How about you throw a gigantic party for everyone you know now that Fat Rant has passed a million views?”
oh..yeah.. see…  I’d love to, but I’m onto your little game.  I understand that it would be fun, but I really can’t justify spending a poopload of money I don’t have on a party that wasn’t my idea and is going to make up less than 30 seconds of footage.

Anyway, so MTV came with me to New York for the new fat video shoot, and then I went to Chicago without them, where Jake and I ate a lot of pizza, got caught in several rainstorms, wore holes in our feet, (his were better than mine), ate more pizza, met up with my friend Chuck, and then had dinner with Kate Harding and her man Al.
That part was so totally awesome. Partly because it was my first double date ever, and partly because we were transgressing against MTV because we were meeting in secret.  Guido wanted to be there when I met Kate for the first time because I wouldn’t shut up about her and a bunch of other bloggers in the weeks preceding, but I didn’t really want to be on friggin TV when I was doing something I really wanted to -you know?
Like it basically sucks to want to be open and interested and excited, but having to censor yourself for TV.–  it was like being on a first date in front of the nation.  A date that you really care about.  Not like Blind Date or something.  Not that I don’t love Blind Date.  Cause I love it.  It’s been a while, but I still have love…

Anyway- so we had a totally awesome secret rendezvous, and then a really great fake meeting 2 days later.  The great Kate and SweetMachine came to see the Art of Being -the monologue show I’m performing with.. and cause she’s on the ball, she wrote about it when it happened

I have to say, my favorite part of that night was when these 2 fabulous women- Miranda and Kelly- they’d heard about the show I think through my myspace page, and we were talking afterwards and I said “Do you guys read Kate Harding?” and they said “Oh yes!!  We LOVE Kate Harding!”  and I  got to trun to my left and say “THIS IS KATE HARDING!!”
And we all freaked a bunch and it was awesome.


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