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This makes me crazy.

Surfing the interwebs I came across one of those bulletin boards for plus-sized women:

The first post had a broken link where the woman tried to upload a picture -I assume of herself-

m** wrote:

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I don’t know about all of you, but I certainly don’t feel fat. I feel beautiful and sexy! Pretty amazing at 34, especially being a busy wife and mother to two small kids. If anyone can figure out why the world sees this as fat, please let me know!


The crazy making part is that this is the reply she gets:

M**…yhe picture is not working!!! But even though i can’t see it u r not fat dear sister….

gakk! Come ON LADY!!!
“Even though I don’t know anything about you, there is no way you could possibly be fat.” Someday soon, boys and girls, things are changing.
I really liked what Kate said today about how all there is left on the “first they ignore us, then they laugh at us, then they fight with us, and then we win scale” is for us to win. ūüôā

Um… Awesome.

Here’s¬†another fat lady kicking ass.

Not Chuck Norris… you know what I mean.
Via deatoya on fatshionista

My Hero…

Paul Campos is having a truly awesome debate with Kelly Brownell in the LA Times Opinion Section this week.

No Bratz for you!

This is great.¬† Salon’s got an article about emerging¬†designers for plus-sized kids clothing.

¬†Almost makes you think there’s hope for the kids these days… ūüôā Last week my friend David and I tried to go see¬†the Bratz movie.¬† David did some¬†graphic art for the sets and he wanted to see if it¬†made it in…¬†¬†We searched moviefone, fandango, alll the tickets websites.¬† Bratz is NO LONGER IN THEATRES!¬† We were¬†devastated.¬† It hasn’t even been a month!!

In the desperate search, we came across the official website and the entire plot synopsis. 

I want to see this so bad.

I mean the friggin character descriptions!! :

Yasmin (Nathalia Ramos) is the brown haired hispanic/latina one who likes singing, and journalism. Cloe (Skyler Shaye) is the blonde haired all-american one who likes photography and sports. Jade (Janel Parrish) is the black haired asian-american one who likes science, math and fashion designing. Sasha (Logan Browning) is the dark brown haired african-american girl who likes music, dancing and cheerleading.

When they all look EXACTLY THE SAME!!!

Isn’t that the same girl? Just with 4 hairdos?

I mean, am I right?

I’m totally right.

They look a liiittle bit different here, but just barely.
Certainly ain’t no babysitters club.

There should have been a fat babysitter.

I can’t wait until I’m making the rules in a year and a half.

Look at that thinking cap!

Daniel Williams and Paul Campos have been wearing theirs.

Read their articles in Time and the New Republic here:

Bent Out of Shape

What do you think?

Comix schmomix

I don’t know much about comics, but this is cool:

Here’s a whole article about Etta Candy!

via dollbunny’s post on Fatshionista…

Xiao Yang is infriggincredible.

So first I read this…

And then I watched the video that is posted alongside it…
And I saw those SERIOUS MOVES. and realized they were a little familiar…
So I did a little google imaging and I found this:

and I was pretty sure, but I wasn’t positive that it was the same fat girl making everybody’s eyes pop out…
So I googled her name a whole bunch…
And Xiao Yang’s been doin her thang all over the place

MOST AMAZING, however, was this:


This girl has got the goods.

That first article talks about how a “PR agent” discovered her after she posted an ad in a newspaper asking for someone to help her “lose weight or find a job”. It kind of sounds like this agent saw her as simply a Fat Lady to add to his freak show roster for variety show guests (other clients of his include a glass eater and a guy who pulls cars with his teeth). But things changed when:

To build her confidence, Hu tried to find her a boyfriend. He knew that the relentless pressure from her family to lose weight was driven by fears she would never marry. He got the largest newspaper in the city, the Nanjing Evening News, to write up every detail of Xiao’s misfortune in a story and seek prospective husbands.

Xiao wasn’t serious about getting married. But the story in March 2006 was a big boost to her confidence and drew 200 letters from interested men. It also attracted letters from more than 100 obese women from all over China who had had the same feelings and experiences. They all wanted to be friends with Xiao.

Hu and the newspaper formed a club for the women, with activities such as a beauty contest. That produced enough talented performers that Hu decided to form a band. Dozens of people auditioned.

The result was Qian Jin Zu He.

A fat girl band!!

I’m not sure why I’m so excited about this whole thing.. but I am.
No, I take it back. I think it’s this:

“Our original purpose for joining the band is to help other girls like us feel more confident, feel better about themselves, and to prove our capability in front of others”

Hooray for the Thousand Pounds!!

Also discovered on my journeys through the internets:
Beauty Puzzle

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