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Where I buy things…

Cause a lotta people been askin’.
Firstly, No, Ghetto Elegance is not online. I know, I’m sorry. It’s not even really called Ghetto Elegance. It’s just Elegance. But it’s located near my house, in the Ghetto. It’s a cheapo store in a strip mall at the corner of Hoover and Jefferson (see #7).

So everything I wear pretty much comes from these places:
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An Afternoon with Papa Bear?

So someone from the O’Reilly Factor has been calling me…. I don’t know.. -Do you think any good can come of that?

New York City!!

So it’s a little belated, but New York was friggin awesome.
So 2 Mondays ago, I got up at the buttcrack o dawn… bought a bluetooth

So I could talk like a robot to the folks at CNN, then a new little red suitcase:

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