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 Surprise, surprise!

doesn’t happen by just “putting your mind to it”.

Can you BELIEVE she was saying THIS
only 4 months ago??
and THIS is only a month old!

Just tell the truth lady!

To cleanse the palate:

I want to be Kate Harding when I grow up:

I want to be Kate Harding when I grow up:

I also want to live in a strawberry house:

And shop at the strawberry store:

I would not attack the strawberry with a sword.

But I might ask it to babysit my kids:

This one might be fake:

These are strawberry birds:

strawberry stealer:

Strawberry party:

Also terrific:

Mission Accomplished.

Thank you to Katy and Angela. You have made my dreams come true.

Also, This is awesome:

Crystal sent it to me.

Who else wishes Lana and the Fat Superboy would quit crying and get it on already?

What if I eat a rice cake with a french fry on top of it?

What if I eat a rice cake with a french fry on top of it ? 

This made me laugh out loud.  Big Fat Blog has a great post about the “naughty/nice” food virtuosity contest happening in the Food and Nutrition section at Figure Magazine…

There are a LOT of great comments:
Jennifer Portnick’s comes to mind:

“How about, if you want something sweet like chocolate, have some chocolate and then go on with your day.”

but beakergirl’s made me snort my Diet Coke:

“I also have problems with “naughty” and “nice.” Does that mean I’m good on the days I eat rice cakes and evil on the days when I eat french fries? What if I eat a rice cake with a french fry on top of it ?(that actually sounds really nasty, but whatever) .

Food is not moral, not immoral. It is neutral. What is immoral is telling women to suppress natural hunger in the interest of trying to fit some kind of not-on-this-planet standard of thinness.”

I wish I knew a thing or two about photoshop. I would make this:
languish luxuriously on top of this:
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Fruit and Fly Video!

So the pilot I shot last March is finally edited…
I think our trailer looks pretty snappy 🙂
Be Friends with Fruit and Fly!!
To clarify a little: This is the trailer/ title song for the 2 person sketch pilot I put together with my friend Michael Mullen. Each costumed clip is from a 3 to 5 minute scene that plays in full later in the first episode.
Keep your eyes peeled for it!

I’m as fat as Matt LeBlanc!!

How fat are you?

It’s a bummer that the only examples for comparison are men… My boyfriend sent me the link though… Maybe there’s a no-girls-allowed section of the internets.

Podcast! and an apology…

1. I just discovered the Read More tag. I apologize for my previous behaviour.
2. I totally forgot to post this. Joh Padgett had me on:
on Sunday with the glorious Kate Harding
and the lovely Ashley Albin
It’s archived though.. you can listen right through that link…

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