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Fat World?

I don’t know what I think about this:
Fat World

Do you get it?

The Best Thing Yet.

This girl needs to be on the tube: Kate Harding is a Genius.

And Leslie Hall should be on more TV too:

Chicago and Figure Magazine!

Watch out Chi Town!
The Art of Being
is a comin to getcha…

SO. Bob, Emily, Peter, Lena, Margot, Mas, and Chuck – I especially request your presence. And Jake also. especially Jake.

Also,I did a podcast for Figure Magazine…

you can hear here:
Figure Magazine…

Mike and Juliet Clip-a-rama-lama-ding-dong

here’s a little chunk of the Morning Show from the other day…
Kelly Bliss is a genius and I am SO friggin lucky she was there. I’ll try to get ther rest of the segment off my DVR and onto YouTube so you can hear all the awesome crap she had to say…

And since staircase wit is always sharpest, when MeMe was crying about plus size kids clothes, I should have asked her if she really believed that she was going to make fat kids disappear by making sure they had nothing to wear…

I’m on TV!

RIGHT NOW! well… maybe.
I’m going to be on the Morning Show with Mike and Juliet…

or New Old Man Young Woman as Timothy McNerny has christened them.

I’m supposed to be on with MeMe Roth

She’s the woman who says Jordin Sparks is too fat too be a role model for little kids.

I think I’m gonna try and give her a hug.

Go here for more info:
The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet

Hello world!

sos I gots a new blog:) There’s a crapload more stuff coming to , but this is what I’ve got for you at the moment:)
PS. Here’s the Fat Rant:

PPS. Here’s another video I made:

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